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We provide advisory, consulting and recruiting services to assist in the selection, adoption and use of technology to maximize profitability in managing relationships and data across all channels and lines of business. Through our experience and knowledge, we can help you achieve the most in customer value, loyalty, revenue and profitability. We focus on helping you maximize your marketing, sales and service capabilities by addressing CRM strategy, implementation, integration and data management.
Review + Assess...
If your existing systems are under performing, we can help you assess and determine whether to 'repair or replace' your current technology. Implemented technologies are often under utilized, diminishing any return on the investment. Sometimes it makes sense to upgrade, enhance and retrain.
Evaluate + Implement...
If you are not benefiting from new technologies, we provide objective advice on planning and preparing for your CRM project - selecting the best solution for optimal ROI, profitability and customer loyalty. It all starts with understanding the business objectives and clearly defining your business processes.
Data Quality + Management...
Your data is a valuable resource. How you define. organize and manage your customer information is as important as the 'front end' system that collects it. The real reason to capture data is make it actionable, in an interaction, a transaction or in making & changing business decisions.

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